About Onward Resources International

Onward Resources works with leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations to innovatively bridge the worlds of business and sustainable development. Our expertise broadens economic opportunities and delivers solutions which raise the incomes and living standards of people in Africa.

Founded in 2014 and based in East Africa, we work with entrepreneurs, private enterprises, domestic and international investor groups, global foundations, governments and market facilitation agencies, seeking to solve complex challenges and catalyze transformative change.

We combine the best of private sector strategy formulation skills, strong analytical capabilities, and deep knowledge and networks built over decades of experience working on the ground in Africa and globally in the fields of management consulting, international development and commercial industry. Our team and global network of experts works alongside clients to identify growth opportunities and to implement breakthrough strategies by leveraging our depth and breadth of thought leadership, research, tools and extensive experience.

Our practice areas are: Agriculture and Food; Green Growth and Climate Change; Inclusive Business Development; Capital Raising and Impact Investing; Gender and Economic Inclusion; Trade and Growth Hubs; Power and Renewable Energy; and, Cities Competitiveness and Sustainable Infrastructure. We are uniquely positioned to design and deliver innovative solutions which are responsive, flexible and immediately increase enterprise performance and the effectiveness and quality of client programs.

In summary, our expertise enables the efficient allocation of capital by shifting public and private sector investments in ways which support triple bottom line; economic, social and environmental improvements, resulting in high performing sustainable businesses, large-scale positive impact, and resilient rural and urban communities.