Socially Responsible Investment

We understand the unique challenges that investors, entrepreneurs, and firms face when entering new and emerging markets. It is our mandate to provide complete due diligence to those entities seeking to invest tactically. Our expertise allows us to provide clients with strategic advice and effective and efficient investment solutions to assist them in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge in the global marketplace. We therefore, invest time and resources throughout the course of our relationships to truly understand our clients' business drivers and refine our service model to meet their evolving needs.

Onward Resources helps catalyze responsible Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) by carrying out detailed due diligence and providing specialized advisory services. We provide strategy consulting services, including; competitive analysis, market sizing, route-to-market, financial modeling, investment structuring, formation of strategic alliances and partnerships and business planning. We assist our clients to successfully set up operations including through; establishment of on-the-ground presence, employee hiring and on-boarding, compliance with local regulations, and key introductions and referrals. We work with important stakeholders and decision makers across East Africa, who include; senior officials in government, investments authorities, private sector leadership and chambers of commerce.

We believe it is also our mandate to integrate sustainability and shared value into our FDI work, including in structuring procurement policies, promoting environmentally sustainable sourcing, climate change adaptation approaches, smallholder farmer sourcing, local labour management, gender integration and natural resources management.

We are able to make introductions to vetted, local and regional industry actors, and provide expert advisory services on supply chain opportunities and risks for multinationals/foreign companies in commercial farming, agro-processing, logistics and related manufacturing industries.