Renewable Energy and Environment

Across East Africa, governments, development agencies, and private sector entities are making significant investments aimed at bridging demand and supply gaps in energy markets. Even with these commendable efforts, access to affordable energy remains a challenge to a majority of low income homes and small businesses, both in urban and rural areas. Renewable sources of energy can help to efficiently bridge these gaps and power the economic industry.

Our renewable energy and environment practice engages private firms, governments, local communities, and international agencies to increase access to clean and affordable energy for both households and local economic output. We promote the development of and access to clean alternative energy that benefits disadvantaged rural and urban households and small business owners. Specifically, we carry out assessments of renewable energy resources and technologies, study availability, access, and demand trends, evaluate project economics, structure projects, help procure financing, and prepare strategic energy plans for clients such as municipal authorities, private sector and development agencies.

We support environmental conservation by, for example, promoting alternatives to deforestation driven by basic needs such as subsistence farming and reliance on fuel wood for energy, in ways that alleviate poverty and promote sustainable and equitable development.